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Amazing how loud a cricket can be.

Just some good old fashioned misogyny misogyny.

look at all that cis privilege

60 posts. That’s it.

Lets be blunt and say that if this had happened to a trans girl, we’d be holding vigils and writing petitions.

But it happened to a nasty dyke, so who cares, right?

Oh yes, because it’s the fault of transgender people now that these fuckers are so disrespectful?!

How is it transgender people’s fault that these fuckers use transphobic & homophobic slurs?!

How is it transgender people’s fault that the average human is not able to see past heteronormative standards for gender and sexuality?! 

And why should any girl be forced to go to the boy’s restroom?!

I do care that this happens to “a nasty dyke”, but I also care that this is the daily routine of transgender people who are actually forced to use the wrong restroom all the goddamn time.

If you want to make a point, make a better one that condemns the people who are this shitty and not the victims of their rules, and stop this pity party you’ve got going.

Once again, before flipping the kid, read what I wrote.

"If this had happened to a trans girl, there would be more attention paid to it"

Because that’s the cold, hard truth. On this website especially, trans news takes an absolute precedence to that involving lesbians.

If you don’t believe me, read what you just wrote. You’re so quick to defend a hypothetical trans girl—and you devoted maybe two sentences to the actual victim here, who is a dyke (which is to say, a gender non-conforming butch lesbian).

See what I mean? You only reblogged this to chastise me about trans issues—not to support this young lesbian.

Who on this thread IS supporting this young lesbian? All I see is a bunch of people who can’t fall over themselves fast enough to pick her up and use her as a club to beat on women less privileged than themselves. You think that helps her?

"On this website, trans news takes an absolute precedence to that involving lesbians."

Wow. Amazing how much you sound like the straight cis guys who go around saying, “Tumblr is a safe space for everyone like us.” or the white folks who go “On Tumblr it’s okay to be whoever you are, as long as you’re white.” 

Because on Tumblr nobody can stop anybody from organizing and agitating and because all conversations on Tumblr are public and can’t be contained in their own lanes and channels like they would be in an LJ community or forum, the privileged see things they don’t normally see, including voices that are ordinarily marginalized relative to them. To an entitled mind,which expects those voices to be quiet, polite, and easily silenced, this always looks like a takeover… and usually a hostile one.

Straight guys say the same thing about lesbians who speak up, with the exact same lack of irony or self-awareness. Men say the same thing about women.

Not only are they using this girl as a tool to further oppress trans people, I don’t understand why they are complaining that this girl was forced to use the wrong bathroom. These same people want trans people to use the wrong bathroom and stereotype trans women as violent and sexual predators. They think forcing people to use the wrong bathroom is a small price to pay to preserve their own safety. This is exactly what they wanted, until it affected a cis lesbian. Holy hypocrisy, Batman!

Hardly, and you’re a fucking moron.

A trans girl is still a biological male. Still got a dick, still raised a boy. That’s the cold, unpleasant truth.

This young woman is a woman—a biological female. She has every right to use that bathroom, and more importantly, every right to trust that the administration in her school will defend her, NOT contribute to the problem.

But thank you for proving my point. You don’t care about the actual lesbian getting hurt; you’re too busy defending some hypothetical trans chick. Gotcha.

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