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So Im a person of colour and i dont get butt hurt when someone wont sleep with me because my complexion is too dark for them. I also dont immediatly go


You’re right, as white-passing it wasn’t my place to point out internalized racism, and I apologize.
I will call out terfs on their bullshit any day of the week though, as you are all invariably bigoted, dishonest and violent.

Trans women are not male. Sex is the same thing as gender inserted in to a pseudo-‘scientific’ sphere. these are facts that can be proven by critical thinking and an understanding of sociology. To claim otherwise is at best ignorance, at worst an act of verbal violence against women.

Oh my god you’re on that Toni koolaid, aren’t you? This explains SO much.

Let’s address this bit by bit.

Trans women are male. If they weren’t male, they would have no need to transition. They have male bone structure, muscle and fat distribution, socialization; testosterone, spermatozoa, the reproductive organs, the whole shebang proves they’re male.

Sex is not gender. Gender is used because squeamish North Americans think sex means doing the do, not the biological category.
In any context but some overly-PC forms, sex is the biological reality (present in all animals that reproduce via recombinant DNA), and gender is the social behaviours ascribed to said reality (and absent in nature. Girl dolphins don’t fillet the fish and tidy up after the males, for example).

"these are facts that can be proven by critical thinking and an understanding of sociology"

Okay then. Prove to me that sex and gender are the same thing. Or that sex doesn’t exist. Or that trans women are female.
Prove ANY of the allegations. I’ll wait.

As for any of this being violence against women? Please. Disagreeing with you and pointing out how you’re wrong isn’t violence, any more than you wasting my time with this inanity is killing me.


Cissexist/centric monosexuals are all equally boring

How can you consciously decide that genitalia is the most important thing when looking for a partner and your sexuality revolves around that y’all are basic af

And you’re tacky and lesbophobic.

Having a sexual orientation isn’t cissexism. I get it, that you think you’re so enlightened or something and good for you, but for the vast majority of people, the physical sex of our partners is important. A deal-breaker, even.

See, I can’t help that I’m attracted to females. I’m a lesbian. That’s pretty standard. All lesbians are exclusively attracted to females, that’s sort of the only criteria.

However, you can help being an asshat. Monosexuality doesn’t exist. Lesbians aren’t privileged for liking “only one sex”, because the sex we like is our own, and that makes us targets. Lumping us in with the people who abuse, rape and harass us is homophobic and lesbophobic.

But then again, no surprise, given whom I’m reblogging this from.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I've always wanted to try some form of martial arts. The idea of learning how to fight has always been exciting to me, plus i don't have a lot of bodily strength and I'd like to improve that. What do you recommend to someone who wants to get started on that? I want to apply to a martial arts gym in my town but I don't know if I should speak with my doctor first or what.
appropriately-inappropriate appropriately-inappropriate Said:

If you have a medical condition that might be aggravated by physical activity, then yes. Speak with your doctor. If you’re in good health and of reasonable fitness (by which I mean, physical activity won’t actually hurt you), then I absolutely encourage it.

Now, I train in Krav Maga, and that’s the discipline I recommend. The reason I recommend it is because it was explicitly created as self-defence. The idea was conceived of during the rise of anti-Semitism during late Weimar Germany, and argued that “every human has the right to walk in peace”, The argument there being that you shouldn’t start a fight, but you should know how to end it.

It’s a mishmash of styles; some judo moves to use an attacker’s body weight and momentum against them, some aikido, some karate, some Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling and boxing. Their official strategy is that if it works, they teach it, so you get a broad range of very versatile attacks and blocks. Another thing that appeals to me, and I’m sure other krav practitioners will agree, is that it’s very practical. There’s no air-punching here. It’s full contact. You will come home with bruises. That’s a guarantee. However, since you’ll have received those bruises learning how to deflect a knife attack from in front or a grapple from behind, you’ll also come home with skills that may save your life the next day.

I have never once regretted taking an Advil or two if it means I know how to escape from a mugger or a rapist. After about a week’s worth of classes, those bruises and punching calluses become points of pride.

This one, on your arm? That’s a successfully deflected knife attack. Those cuts on your knuckle? Got em off some fucker’s face plate; if he hadn’t been wearing it, he’d have been sneezing bone shards. That bruise on your leg? Oh, hit my kneecap off some guy’s cup, and oh hey, did I tell you, he dropped like a rock!
My krav girls and I compare bruises like they’re new shoes, and yeah, it feels HELLA good.

It’s intimidating, I know. There’s gonna be a lot of men, big scary MMA motherfuckers, training with you. Your first reaction will likely be “holy fuck what did I sign up for??!”
Good. Those men are going to be your punching bags. If you can drop a 200lb monster of muscle (and you /will/ learn how), then that 150 drunk beer-belly frat boy grabbing your ass is going to be a joke. (Jokes on him once you learn how to shatter his radius and ulna.). Consider this an opportunity. You’re going to be pitting yourself against the brawniest and fittest fuckers in your city, and there’s no better way to learn.

Any tactical self-defence will be good, but my favourite, and personal choice, is krav. Versatile, adaptable, aggressive.

I definitely recommend going to a studio, if you can, and finding out if you can observe a class. Most will also have introductory packages, which I highly recommend taking advantage of.

I ask two things of you in exchange for the recommendation:

One: give it a minimum of three classes before you drop out. If you don’t like it after three, then okay, but try to last. I found it took that long for my nervousness to subside, but after that, I never looked back and that kind of confidence is worth any amount of money. (Did you know how pretty it is outside at night? I’m not afraid to check it out anymore!)

Two: tell me how it goes! I want to hear what ends up working for you. 8D




Saving Face (2012), acid attacks on women in Pakistan

Meanwhile, in America, feminists are complaining about how basic school dress codes are “oppressive”.

You idiots have never experienced oppression, and pray you never do, because this is what it looks like.

Another thing about acid attacks in Pakistan is that other women are almost as likely to be involved as well.

However the impression we’re usually given is that it’s a male on female crime when it’s also a female on female crime.

That’s why you don’t need feminism, but secular humanism to save and protect these women.


Feminism doesn’t argue that women are somehow innocent of crime or complicity in patriarchy. In fact, there’s a whole area of study devoted to analyzing the role internalized misogyny plays in interpersonal relationships.

It’s the concept behind, “not that girl”, “one of the boys”, “the cool girl” here in the west, where women, seeking approval from male-dominated society (also known as “patriarchy”), have been told that the best way to garner said approval is to compete with other women for it.

Notice that this isn’t a case of interpersonal aggression because the mother and sister in law hate this woman; it’s aggression on behalf of the men in the family.
They’re punishing the woman for choosing to leave, for bringing dishonour to their male relative. That’s absolutely something feminism studies and addresses.

As for “secular humanism” saving all, that’s unlikely. After all, this wasn’t religiously motivated, so the “secular” aspect of no relevance, and the “humanism” part, well.

I hate to break it to you, but the philosophical concept of Humanism has been around since the Enlightenment, and it’s accomplished appx fuck-all since then, especially in the realm of equal rights for minorities or addressing soaring levels of intimate partner and familial violence.

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i haven’t had ghost stuff happening for months until tonight, when there was a loud noise and i saw, from the corner of my eye, something dark crawling on the floor. it was probably nothing, i never SEE things (knock on wood) so it must’ve been an illusion. it was fucking creepy as ghost shit tho

WHAAAAAAT that’s awesome I love spooky shit. Admittedly, creepy black crawling shapes is fucked. Do you have any other scary stories? I’d love to hear them.





is anyone even attracted to vaginas lets be real


1000% yes


There’s a whole group of people who find vaginas pretty awesome. They’re called lesbians.

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In a study of children aged 2-5, parents interrupted their daughters more than their sons, and fathers were more likely to talk simultaneously with their children than mothers were. Jennifer Coates says: “It seems that fathers try to control conversation more than mothers… and both parents try to control conversation more with daughters than with sons. The implicit message to girls is that they are more interruptible and that their right to speak is less than that of boys.”

Girls and boys’ differing understanding of when to talk, when to be quiet, what is polite and so on, has a visible impact on the dynamics of the classroom. Just as men dominate the floor in business meetings, academic conferences and so on, so little boys dominate in the classroom - and little girls let them.

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Working with children for over a decade, this is something I’ve noticed, actually. And for the majority, the little girls in my class and my co-worker’s classes all sit quietly and listen MUCH better than the boys do. Most boys don’t care to be quiet and sit still. And I don’t think this is an attribute of boys being “rowdier” or more “hyper” - believe me, the girls are JUST as off the wall as the boys if you aren’t telling them not to. It must be a learned behavior, and it must be enforced more with the girls so they know they can’t get away with it. You have no idea how many times in my career I’ve heard “boys will be boys,” and smiling parents as they tell me with a laugh, sorry, their son is “wild” and a “handful” as they introduce him to the class.

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And that’s how you do sexism.  That’s how it’s so effectively trained into every single citizen and indoctrinated as normal and right.

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So Canada is basically tossing their protection of Humpback Whales in the garbage in order to enable them to put an oil pipeline right through critical habitat territory.

Just in case, y’know, anyone wants to stop talking about moose and maple syrup for a second.

Here, have a petition.

Again, the Conservative government fucking up everything of value.

Can Harper just go back to Alberta already?

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The reason you think lesbian sexuality can and should include men isn’t because you believe in free love or fluid sexuality.

It’s because you believe in male supremacy and can’t handle the idea of a woman not being sexually or romantically attracted to men.

Man loves…


Four Billion BCE: Battered Earth 

"No place on Earth was safe. Four billion years ago, during the Hadean eon, our Solar System was a dangerous shooting gallery of large and dangerous rocks and ice chunks."

(The gif below shows impacts over time: “Spatial distribution and sizes of craters formed on the early Earth. Each circle indicates the final estimated crater size; color coding indicates time of impact. Credit: Simone Marchi/SwRI.”)

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